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1. MrsB reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
Great Read! June 22, 2012 
I downloaded this to my Kindle and could not put it down! I loved it! I love the story line, and kept thinking that it would make a great movie as well. I loved the main character, Grey Colson. I can't wait for the next one to come out. Great work from a new writer. I highly recomend this book. 

2. tracicakes reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
LOVED IT! June 19, 2012 
Code of Misconduct was a great read! I had a hard time putting it down! I can't wait for the next book to come out! I really appreciate the attention to detail, which you only get from someone who has actually been in law enforcement. I highly recommend it! 

3. Steph in Dallas GA reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
You won't put it down! June 15, 2012 
I read this book in 4 days. Chris has a great skill in keeping the story line going. You won't put the book down once you start reading it because from chapter to chapter you can't wait to find out what's going to happen next. Get this book! You will love it! I am excited to see what Chris writes next! 

4. Denise Heath reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
This book has it all! June 6, 2012 
I couldn't put it down! Code of Misconduct has it will remain on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The characters are complex and human. The writer has all the skills of a seasoned author, with exciting plot twists that remain realistic and true to life. I can't wait for the next novel

5. gungadind reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
a must read.... mystery, suspense, .. and more June 2, 2012 
This author has a natural way of writing. Slick and fast -paced. with in your face characters.....that jump off the page.. as I writer, I really appreciate how he made the characters come alive

6. MikeReagan reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
great book May 31, 2012 
Chris really uses his law enforcement experience to write a great book with really good characters. His knowledge of all parts of law enforcement shows through in the main character. I am looking forward to the next book. 

7. Rosalind reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
Good Read May 26, 2012 
This book is well written and the author knows his subject very well. It leaves you wanting to know the next chapter in the life of the main character. I suspect there will be sequels

8. Anita melograna reviewed CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) 
Lee Childs and Mickey Spillane fans ! April 10, 2012 
The author has the fluid writing skills of a seasoned writer. The twists and turns will leave you reading until you are finished! I won't spoil any of it. 

9. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great ACTION Packed Book - Let's you into the inside of police work, September 21, 2012 
By Diane Offutt

This review is from: CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) (Kindle Edition) 
Talk about a book leaving you at the edge of your seat. I just finished reading it and it was definitely a page turner. The last few chapters left me holding my breath. I could NOT put the book down and had to finish it so I read late into the wee hours of the night..ha ha.

I originally wrote a preliminary review about Code of Misconduct when I first started reading the book, but now that I finished it...well, I had to edit that review and just say I sure hope Chris writes a sequel. Grey Colson is an unforgettable character and it would be great to see more stories about his "retirement". His daughter Nichole, and her husband Bobby are also characters I would like to see again.

Between the great characters and the action packed storyline I really think it would make a great TV series. So much action, yet the tenderness of a man (Grey Colson)who has lost his wife and trying to just get on with life in his retirement. I do hope Chris writes another book and let the characters come alive. I will definitely be watching for one.

If you love police novels you will love this story.

Diane Offutt

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, June 13, 2013 

9.  5.0 out of 5.0 Stars CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) (Kindle Edition)
By Lynn Eidson
This book will peek your intrest early and keep you going, I did not want to put it down, This book gives a lot of real law enforcement experiences, anyone in police work can relate too.

Looking foward to the next Grey Colson adventure!!

10. CODE OF MISCONDUCT "Conduct Unbecoming" (Grey Colson) (Kindle Edition) 
By Grandma

This is a great book, well worth the time it takes to read it (which for me was less than a weekend). I spend a couple of weeks each year in Daytona Beach and the location details are authentic and well written. The plot had a few unexpected twists and turns that kept me reading. The characters are well written and believable. The main character is likable and one worth following in future book(s) to come. I will definitely buy the next book when it is released. 
By Beccie Rigoron March 14, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I had requested this when it came out because I loved the first book. A cop story and fast moving to read. I like the story settings.

By musicmike on October 6, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
C.A. Griffith has written an action packed book that interweaves the message of the dangers of drugs. The message is not preachy, but it made me rethink the direction I was heading on the issue of drug legalization. The author is a gifted writer who has personal knowledge of the subject matter he describes. You will not be disappointed if you buy this book and read it.

Griffith has outdone himself!
By Denise Heath on November 5, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
C.A. Griffith has once again proven himself a gifted story teller! His sophomore release of the adventures of Grey Colson was a "can't put it down" read packed with unexpected twists, turns, and plot thrillers that keeps even seasoned readers of crime novels guessing. His expertise in his field is evident as the story remains realistic, yet never boring or predictable. The complexity of the characters is a welcome change from so many other books of this genre.

What sets this tale apart from others is the way the author intricately weaves one of the most controversial topics of today throughout the book. You find yourself examining what you believe and why you believe it. Griffith brings the issue full circle as the story unfolds, and I see many important discussions happening around dinner tables all across America because of it.

I didn't think it was possible for Griffith to surpass his success of Code of Misconduct, but he has done it. If you want a book that will entertain you and make you examine the very essence of your belief system, this is it!

A thought provoking read!
By Sheri A. Wilkinson on December 7, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
The Nightmare Merchant: Code of Misconduct II by C.A. Griffith

Josh Bartlett dies of a drug overdose and his friend Emily is missing. His father Keith is not sure it was an accident and looks for help with retired police officer/private investigator Grey Colson.

Then there is billionaire Jack Strawn who is campaigning for legalization of marijuana and other drugs through out all of the Untied States. As they dig into the death of Josh, Keith and Coloson begin to wonder if there is any connection to Jack Strawn? Was Josh killed and is Emily alive or dead? If so, why? Will they be able to find the answers they are looking for or will they be stopped?

An original crime drama with a very believable plot. Drug abuse is overwhelming in our country and there is the controversy of legalizing marijuana. The story is very thought provoking. I recommend The Nightmare Merchant: Code of Misconduct II to those who love an intense, thrilling crime drama.

By Amie M. Herd on October 16, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
The Nightmare Merchant: Code of Misconduct II was worth the wait!! The second novel in the series tackles the topic of drug legalization with clear, relevant facts all the while showcasing the quirky personality of our hero Grey Colson. This novel is a must read for anyone who likes an intelligent plot with unexpected twists and turns. It does not disappoint.

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Final editing is in progress for the third installment in the Grey Colson Crime Series; 
"Mosquito Lagoon - Code of Misconduct III", to be released by Brighton Publishing in 2016