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04 August 2016

Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson and Major Rocky Norris in Deland at the Volusia County Court ComplexJune 2012
Available NOW in Print and eBook: "Mosquito Lagoon - Code of Misconduct III". Please visit the link on the Home Page next to the book photo for purchase, or CLICK HERE

You may have noticed by now that my goal in the Grey Colson novels is to address topics that are not only important to me personally, but to most everyone. These are issues that impact the lives of people world-wide and most are HOT TOPICS that draw serious debate and emotional responses.

It is not my goal to insult the beliefs of others, but to offer a respectful view from a perspective that is not very popular in our ever growing progressive society. If the masses claim to be "tolerant" of all views, then these stories should be accepted for what they are...another viewpoint based on common sense and traditional values.

Thank you to the Grey Colson fans who understand the concept of taking an important issue and weaving it into an entertaining story. I will continue to give your views a voice in print that I believe you can enjoy and be proud of.

I'm excited to be working on the next Greay Colson Thriller, "Old Scratch - Code of Misconduct IV" Please visit often for progress updated. The clock is ticking so....stay tuned!

On October 30th I had the pleasure of an on-line interview with Jaidis Shaw of Juniper Grove. She has a great site, dedicated to authors and readers alike. See the entire interview by clicking HERE