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Young Joshua Bartlett is dead, but what looks like a junkie’s drug overdose may actually turn out to be far more sinister. And now his teenage girlfriend, Emily Raines, is missing. Is she dead as well? While Joshua’s grieving father starts digging for the truth about his son’s death, Emily’s father sets out to find his daughter. When his own efforts fail and the local police don’t seem to be doing enough, he seeks the help of Grey Colson, a retired cop turned private investigator who has dedicated his life to educating the public about the dangers of drugs. 

In direct opposition to Colson’s efforts, billionaire Jack Strawn is heading up a nation-wide campaign to make recreational substances legal in all fifty states. His claim of altruistic motives, for the good of the public, seems shady to Colson. And now Keith Bartlett, Joshua’s father, suspects the worst: is it possible Strawn was involved somehow in Joshua’s death? Who is the mysterious assassin targeting Colson and the district attorney, resulting in the D.A.’s tragic murder? 

Colson sets out to discover the answers, warning Josh’s father to stay out of a dangerous world he knows nothing about. Launching his own amateur undercover investigation, Keith Bartlett is confident he’ll find out who and what Jack Strawn really is. But is Keith running the risk of ending up dead like his son and the D.A.?

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C.A. Griffith is a retired Major from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Marietta, Georgia where he served for three decades. His assignments included undercover narcotics, Atlanta DEA task force, fugitive and fraud investigations and Commander of Internal Affairs. The third installment in the Grey Colson Crime Series: "Mosquito Lagoon - Code of Misconduct III", released in Print and eBook edition in 2017 and writing is currently in progress for "Old Scratch - Code of Misconduct IV", scheduled for release in 2018.
The Nightmare Merchant 
Major Grey Colson's retirement from the Clay County Sheriff's Office isn't exactly what he had bargained for. Cancer had taken his beloved wife Ann's life-and changed his forever. Their home of over twenty years is nothing but an empty shell and a constant reminder of her suffering. Leaving their home to his newlywed daughter, Colson leaves the stifling heat of Georgia for their condominium in Daytona Beach, Florida. The plan is to enjoy the ocean view and cruise the beach in his Corvette; but he's worried that being idle will drive him crazy. Fate intervenes when his cell phone rings. It's an old acquaintance and retired detective who persuades him to assist with one last surveillance job. Colson reluctantly accepts the offer but something about the job bothers him. No big deal. One or two hours and the job will be done, right? 

But what Colson discovers is the County Sheriff turning a blind eye to a diabolical criminal operation run by Martin Cash; one of the wealthiest men in Florida. Colson decides to leave it alone and let the police and bad guys play their game without him. But all of that changes in an instant when his daughter falls into the middle of Cash's lethal operation. If the police can't or won't get the job done, Colson will. He had lived by a strict Code of Conduct for three decades but now, with nothing else to lose, he abandons the policies and procedures that cops are expected to abide by and takes care of business on his own terms. Quick and dirty!
NASA Scientist Grant Parker is on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. The charge is treason. Parker’s half-sister wants Grey Colson to find Grant, but why bother when the FBI is hot on his trail and will find him soon enough? Besides, Colson has enough on his plate trying to find a way to get his best friend, Jay Taylor, out of jail in Ecuador.

Colson moved to Daytona to kick it back on the beach and piddle with the occasional theft investigation, but current events have kept the sand out of his toes for far too long. Everyone needs his help, but no one will help him free his friend. The State Department won’t even return his calls.

Colson’s half-hearted efforts to locate Grant Parker may have made him stumble into a solution, but he has no idea who the real enemy is. Is Grant Parker really a traitor or are the feds just trying to silence a whistle-blower? It really doesn’t matter to Colson as long as he can use the resources of all parties involved to accomplish his mission.

But whoever the enemy is made a mistake when they tried to kill him. Now it’s not business. It’s Personal!
"Code of Misconduct - Conduct Unbecoming"
"The Nightmare Merchant - Code of Misconduct II"
"Mosquito Lagoon - Code of Misconduct III" 
Mosquito Lagoon 
"Old Scratch - Code of Misconduct IV"
A spiritual and psychological Grey Colson Thriller. Follow Colson into the spiritual realm to unravel the mystery behind multiple disappearances from a quiet and historic Jacksonville neighborhood on the Saint Johns River. Even Colson can't believe what he has gotten himself into...and you won't either!

DISCLAIMER: This novel should only be read in the daylight and among people you trust. Reading alone and/or at night is not recommended.

Writing is currently in progress for an early release in 2018.
The Code of Misconduct Series